Lourdes Day Care Centre was founded in September 1979 and we officially opened on 8th December 1979.  The idea for the centre began in the sacristy of Lourdes Church in the 1970's by a group of local people.  They saw that there was a need for a social centre, for the elderly to have somewhere warm to meet and have a hot meal. 

Through the hard work and fund raising of this group what was once a dream became a reality and the centre was purpose built to help cater for physical, psychological and social needs of the elderly in the parish.

Dublin City Council agreed to build the premises and the health board agreed to equip it.  The committee was responsible for the running of the centre.

Lourdes Day Care Centre is like a haven to the housebound as social isolation is one of the forgotten diseases.  With isolation comes many illnesses both mental and physical... Our wheelchair accessible minibus is vital to our service to the elderly in the parish, as without it many of them would become housebound. Most of the activities in the centre are aimed at people having fun; we strongly feel that laughter is the best medicine.

  Staff in the centre care for the elderly in the home and in the community.  We Provide hot meals and offer vital services to the elderly in the local area.  On average we provide meals and services to approximately 178 individuals. We also offer social outings and parties several times a year and we also bring the more able bodied on weekends away.

We have two full time staff, four part time staff and two community employment workers.  We have two care attendants on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to care for the more dependent clients who attend the client. Our wheelchair accessible minibus is vital to our service to the elderly, as without it many of them would become housebound and isolated.

Lourdes Day Care Centre